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TrolMaster Hydro X Low Volt Station

TrolMaster Hydro X Low Volt Station

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The Trolmaster DSV-1 is a low-voltage output module that can be used on the Hydro-X and Aqua-X controllers. The DSV-1 can be addressed to be used as a temperature, humidity, CO2, or timer device module.
Multiple voltage outputs are selectable by the user. The DSV-1 can output either 12 or 24 VDC up to .5 amps, or 12 or 24 VAC up to 4.8VA. Once the module is configured it will activate the low-volt device wired to the DSV-1.
This allows the user to directly connect low-voltage devices such as solenoids, valves, audio visual alarms or any other device that requires 12 to 24-volt AC or DC power to operate.
*By pressing and holding the top button on the DSV-1, users can manually override the module and turn it ON / OFF.

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