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Twister Trimmers

Trim Saver Twister T2 PVC Vacuum Hose

Trim Saver Twister T2 PVC Vacuum Hose

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Huge 6' long hose allows for larger flow area than multiple smaller hoses. This results in higher suction pressure at the discharge of the Twister, quieter operation and increased overall vacuum efficiency.

The Twister Trimmer is... Extremely Fast, Powerful and Durable with Consistent Cuts and Low Maintenance!

The Twister is the worlds fastest leaf trimmer, equipped with the industrys most powerful vacuum along with proprietary blade geometry to deliver the closest cut possible without damaging your product. Its unique, scalable engineering allows for back-to-back tandem use to notably boost productivity, comfortably accommodate large batches and allow for operational growth. Distinctive rotation technology makes the Twister adaptable for use on a broad variety of plants.

  • Very light weight PVC hose reinforced with a spring steel wire helix
  • Great compressibility
  • Excellent flexibility with tight bending characteristics
  • Good chemical & moisture resistance
  • Color - Clear
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