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Tenax Hortnova Trellis Netting

Tenax Hortnova Trellis Netting

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TENAX HORTONOVA trellis netting is the polypropylene mesh that has revolutionized the climbing vegetable cultivation system. It has replaced metal meshes, iron trellises and perishable materials, like  bamboo reeds or wood, traditionally used to create support and separation frames.

Tenax Hortonova is a strong and versatile polypropylene mesh trellis is designed for growers looking for gentle and efficient plant support. Helps increase yields by providing greater exposure to sunlight and air circulation for climbing vegetables as well as a support for flowers. The design fully satisfies the requirements of a variety of growing techniques - both vertical and horizontal.

It is produced from top quality polypropylene and made through a unique dual stretching and extrusion process that ensures optimum strength and maximum lifespan. Light and easy to install, UV treated, resistant to bacteria, chemicals and mold, it is ideal for growing cut flowers, climbing vegetables
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