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Sun System 1 DE 1000 Watt Etelligent Compatible - 120 / 240 Volt

Sun System 1 DE 1000 Watt Etelligent Compatible - 120 / 240 Volt

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The Sun System ® 1 DE ballast(s) is Etelligentâ„¢ compatible with signal ports for on/off/dimming functions by this wired controller. The Sun System ® 1 advanced 105 kHz microprocessor is designed specifically to drive DE lamps at sustained peak performance. Sun System ® 1 DE series provides premium components and superior construction for the professional horticulture enthusiast. Thermally optimized non-air cooled aluminum housing does not require a cooling fan. Internal ballast programming will protect unit in instance of open circuit, short circuit, over/under voltage or high temperature exposure. Features internal built-in circuit breaker.

This Sun System ® 1 ballast has dimmable/selectable wattage, turbo and built-in green LED lights for easily identified self-diagnostic performance codes. Low-current, staggered ignition delay feature eliminates circuit inrush overload and protects lamp for increased lumen maintenance. This ballast includes a prewired lamp cord receptacle that is compatible with all Sun System ® brand reflectors. A 15 ft Etelligentâ„¢ signal wire and a Convertible Smart Volt ® Dual Ferrite Power Cord 120-240 volt 6.5 ft with 120 and 240 volt plugs is included. The Sun System ® 1 Etelligentâ„¢ Controller Kit #902245 (sold separately) allows up to 400 Sun System ® 1 ballasts to be daisy-chained together. Compliant with both FCC Article 18 Part A (governs commercial use) and FCC Article 18 Part B (governs residential use) as tested by an independent U.S. testing lab in a "true as used" configuration.

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