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Soul Soilless Growing Mix

Soul Soilless Growing Mix

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Approximately 80% buffered coco and 20% perlite, Soul Soilless is the ultimate coir-based substrate. The ideal natural characteristics of premium coir combine with the mineral power of coarse perlite to create the perfect air-to-water ratio and pH for soilless application. Soul's specialty large-gauge perlite expands the product’s versatility and performance potential for hydroponic or soilless culture practices. For growers who demand the ultimate in performance and consistency. The mix is finished with Leonardite and Bacillus subtilis, creating a truly premium product.

Ingredients: Coco Fiber, Perlite, Leonardite & Beneficial Bacteria

HOW TO USE: Soul Soilless mix should be fertilized more than regular soil to fulfill all your plants’ requirements throughout their lifecycle. If the growth rate ever slows down in the middle of your plant’s cycle, use a freshwater leaching or leaching solution to clear out excess nutrients. It is important to maintain a pH of 5.5 - 6.5 so that your plants will be capable of efficiently taking in the maximum quantity of nutrients. If you are using a recirculating system, change reservoirs every seven to ten days.

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