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Plagron Nutrients

Plagron Cocos Premium (50L)

Plagron Cocos Premium (50L)

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Cocos Premium is the ideal choice substrate for hobby and commercial growers. The unique structure and porosity features are exclusive to Cocos Premium. This is due to the extensive and proprietary buffering process that ensures the highest level of quality available for this product. Naturally occurring Trichoderma also provide a biological sterility to insure your high value crops! Cocos Premium only begins with RHP quality requirements and contains no added fertilizers. Plagron Cocos Premium requires NO hydration prior to use.

Why use Cocos Premium
-Fully aged, rinsed and buffered substrate with stable pH value.
-Guaranteed highest quality and most consistent coconut coir substrate on the market.
-Guaranteed low EC value
-RHP approved.
-Exceptional moisture retention and aeration properties

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