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Plagron COCOs (A)

Plagron COCOs (A)

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Cocos A & B

Two-component fertilizer for growth and flowering

Cocos A & B is a highly concentrated two part hybrid mineral base nutrient, designed to achieve the growing and flowering phases of the plant. These two components of fertilizer are easy to use and include a balanced ratio of elements synthesized for optimal plant uptake. Cocos A & B is engineered specifically for cultivation in coconut fiber and is applicable for all methods utilizing coco substrates. Plagron also includes their proprietary CaMg technology in this base system allowing for use of less macronutrient supplements i.e. cal-mag products.

This easy-to-use 2-part Dutch style fertilizer is comprised of only (2) individual products marked A & B. The simplicity of this design allows virtually any skill set, from beginner to master grower, to achieve professional quality results. The many variables that exist in a garden can influence growth, yield and quality of your harvest. Plug-and-play Cocos A & B today and insure that your nutrition is on point!


Cocos A & B Advantages:

  • Chelated for maximum plant uptake and availability
  • Humic and Fulvic enhanced base A & B formulas
  • High concentration for maximum efficiency
  • Formulated to run clean with NO nutrient crystalizing or lockout
  • Suitable for ALL watering systems growing in coconut


How to use Cocos A & B:

Shake BOTH products well before use! Add between 8 to 16 ml of EACH product (A & B), per GAL of water. Adjust pH value of the final nutrient solution between 5.5 and 6.0.

Tip: ALWAYS use equal amounts of A & B. If using Green Sensation, add this to the reservoir water FIRST, and then add Cocos A & B. It does NOT matter in what order A & B are added to the reservoir. Add all other remaining additives and ensure a desirable pH value LAST. Plagron recommends a value between 5.5-5.8.

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