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Nova MAP (12 - 61 - 0)

Nova MAP (12 - 61 - 0)

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Nova MAP 12-61-0 is the ideal bag to grab at the start of the season, just before or after seeding, planting, or transplanting. A premium water-soluble straight fertigation fertilizer, it is a highly efficient source of phosphorus designed to boost plant uptake. Nova MAP also acidifies your soil, so phosphorus and micronutrients are more readily available, especially in calcareous environments. Free of chloride and sodium, this high-purity product quickly dissolves with no residue. It is ideal as a fertigation base but can also be mixed with single or compound fertilizers. Formulated for use in the initial growth stage, it’s also ideal for use at the flowering stage or to prevent fruits from being aborted. Purity is what this monoammonium phosphate is all about, so your crops get nothing but the best.

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