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North Spore

North Spore Boom Room Martha Tent

North Spore Boom Room Martha Tent

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Our custom-designed Martha tent and mushroom grow rack were created specifically for mushroom cultivation. It  features 5 shelves (each with 20 lb. capacity), durable re-inforced woven tent siding, adjustable holes for FAE fan and humidifier, and a built-in sub floor that creates a waterproof barrier.

Tent features:

  • Ultra-durable clear vinyl tent with reinforced woven siding and sub-floor layer provides a waterproof enclosure for growing mushrooms.
  • Flexible tent design allows you to place controls on either side, depending on your grow space.
  • Three built-in loops allow you to hang your humidity and fan controllers on the tent for easy access and viewing. ("S" hooks not included.)
  • Double zipper clear vinyl door panel rolls up to allow easy access and clean up. It also allows ambient, indirect light in for optimal mushroom growth.

Rack features:

  • 5 full racks and 18 cubic ft. of space
  • Wire mesh racks can be removed to accommodate different configurations .
  • Shelves come with custom support bars and can be used to house trays, fruiting blocks, jars, and kits (up to 20 lbs per shelf). 

                                                     ***TENT ONLY***

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