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Netafim Angle Arrow Stake Multi-Out (100 Pack)

Netafim Angle Arrow Stake Multi-Out (100 Pack)

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The Arrow Dripper is a 6.375" long 1/2 GPH drip stake that holds a 1/8" microtube in place in your container. For use when connecting multiple microtubes to a single Netafim PCJ Dripper through a manifold to irrigate multiple containers or several locations in the root zone of a single container. The Arrow Dripper provides back pressure and regulates flow, so all outlets from a single emitter are balanced to the same flow rate (1/2 GPM), even if the microtube lengths are different. Typical implementations are be to connect two Arrow Drippers to a 1 GPH Nipple-Outlet Netafim PCJ Emitter or four Arrow Drippers to a 2 GPH Nipple Outlet PCJ Emitter

Put water exactly where you need it using Netafim drip stakes together with your PCJ emitters.

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