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Monster Mushroom Company

Monster Mushroom Company Mushroom Mini Grow Kit

Monster Mushroom Company Mushroom Mini Grow Kit

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Small But Mighty - everything you need to get going.

One LB bag of sterilized grain spawn with injection port and 3 micron air filter.

5LB sterilized Super Shroom fruiting substrate.

Double mono tub. Mask, gloves and alcohol wipes. One syringe of Pearl Oyster mushroom culture.

The Monster Mushroom Small Mushroom Grow Kit is perfect if you are trying a mono-tub method for the first time but don't want to buy a giant tub to do it. You can get multiple harvests from this mushroom kit if you harvest properly, and you get more control over your environment compared to the All in One Grow Bag.

How To Use Mini Boomer All in One Grow Kit:

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