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Jumbo Square Pot (1.68 Liter)

Jumbo Square Pot (1.68 Liter)

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The Jumbo Square Pots are just like any of our square containers, only larger! Made of a high quality, durable plastic resin and available in a larger-than-normal 5-1/4" size, these pots will work in any situation where standard size pots just won't cut it. These black square pots feature a wide base, easy-to-grip rim and sturdy build. Give your plants a little extra room with the Jumbo Square Pots.

Belden Jumbo Square Pot Features:

  • Tag lock system to secure plant tags
  • Bi-level drainage holes to allow the container to drain consistently
  • 100 % post industrial recycled raw material
  • Dimensions: 5.25 in. W x 5.25 in. H
  • Volume: 56.8 fl. oz. / 1.68 L
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