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Jumbo JR Square Pot (1.04 Liter)

Jumbo JR Square Pot (1.04 Liter)

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 Extra deep growing container for increased soil volume and increased value.  The Jumbo Junior utilizes the same amount of bench space as a typical 4.5 square but can yield larger plants at premium profits.  The Belden Jumbo Junior is a great growing container for premium quality flowering bedding plants or perennials.


  • 4 ⅛ inches wide x 3 ½ inches deep - 35.1 fl. oz. / 1.05 liter capacity
  • 15 Belden 4.5 Squares fit securely and efficiently into the Belden 4515 Web Fit Tray
  • Tag lock system to secure plant tags during production to ensure important plant and cultural information of plants is available for garden retailers and consumers.
  • Bi-level drainage holes to allow the container to drain consistently ensuring healthier root and plants development, fewer plants lost during growing and on the retail garden center shelf and the potential for better success for home gardeners.
  • Belden’s line of Square Growing Containers is comprised of the highest quality 100 % post industrial recycled raw material
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