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JMS Stylet-Oil

JMS Stylet-Oil

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Stylet-Oil is a technical grade white mineral oil labeled as an insecticide, fungicide and virus control product that has been formulated using the highest "Food Grade Quality" mineral oil. The oil is renowned for both its success rate on many different kinds of pests as well as its environmentally safe and pure formulation.

Growers throughout the world safely apply Stylet-Oil and successfully control a number of divergent pests including certain fungal diseases such as Powdery Mildew, Rust, Botrytis Bunch Rot and Black Spot. Stylet-Oil also offers pest control on harmful insects such as plant feeding Mites, Scale, Leafrollers, Psylla, Whiteflies, Mealybugs, and Leafminers. Stylet-Oil also helps prevent many aphid-borne plant viruses.

JMS Stylet-Oil is sprayed extensively on grapes, tree fruits, vegetables, ornamentals, and citrus. JMS Flower Farms is proud to offer both Home & Garden and Commercial users around the world a highly refined, superior technical grade White Mineral Oil that is safe to use on most crops without effecting flavor, taste or quality.

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