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Peak Monopotassium Phosphate (0 - 52 - 34)

Peak Monopotassium Phosphate (0 - 52 - 34)

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PeaK MKP (monopotassium phosphate, KH2PO4) is the last word in specialty fertilizers for hydroponics, fertigation, foliar nutrition and special starters. PeaK MKP is a solid, fully water-soluble phosphorus and potassium fertilizer containing 52% P2O5 and 34% K2O, making it the most concentrated commercial fertilizer known (P2O5+K2O = 86%).

PeaK MKP fertilizer is a very user-, crop-, and environment-friendly, because of the following features:

  • It is a high analysis fertilizer, composed almost entirely of plant nutrients in assimilable forms (K+ and H2PO4-), suited for quick uptake by plants.
  • It is very low in impurities, and therefore leaves no harmful residues in the solution or in the soil and causes no clogging of pipes and drippers.
  • It is rich in K and chloride free, and therefore is ideal as a potassium source for chloride-sensitive crops (tobacco, flowers, grapes, etc.).
  • It is very low in both chloride (max 20 ppm) and sodium (max 50 ppm), an important point for fertigation in soilless culture and hydroponics with recycled water, and ideal for the most sensitive and delicate crops.
  • It has the lowest salt index (8.4) among known soluble fertilizer salts, which makes it ideal for foliar application, as a starter fertilizer, and for seed beds and transplants.
  • It has excellent physical properties, being a non-hygroscopic, free-flowing white crystalline product, which does not cake, and dissolves easily and rapidly in water.
  • In its solid form, PeaK MKP is a P source that is easier and safer to handle and to apply than technical grade phosphoric acid.

PeaK MKP is intended for use as a specialty fertilizer in intensive agriculture and horticulture, for vegetables, fruits and flowers in greenhouses as well as in the open field. It may be used either for direct application or as an intermediate to give the desired solid mix or nutrient solution for compound NPK mixtures (e.g., PeaK is ideal for mixes with KNO3 and ammonium nitrate).

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