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Impello Biosciences

Impello Dune

Impello Dune

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Mono. Ortho. Stabilized. Regardless of what you call it, bioavailable silicic acid promotes plant
growth and tolerance to abiotic stress in ways that traditional silica products cannot, resulting in
improved crop performance and higher yields.
Instantly plant-available and easy to apply, Dune’s unique silicic acid (Si(OH)4) formula
redefines what silicon can do for your plants. Dune’s proprietary formulation provides superior
stability to other monosilicic acid products, meaning greater performance in the plant and fewer
headaches for the grower. DuneTM provides fast-acting results and long-lasting performance,
even when applied at extremely low application rates.
When used correctly, DuneTM will strengthen plant cell walls, promote upright plant stature, and
improve resistance to some abiotic stresses. For use as a foliar spray or in conjunction with your
normal irrigation regimen. DuneTM is the only choice for the high-performance horticulturalists
who demands high-performance inputs without overpaying.

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