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Gnatrol WDG (5 Gallon)

Gnatrol WDG (5 Gallon)

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Gnatrol offers highly selective, effective control of fungus gnat larvae, especially for those growers concerned with worker safety, the environment and resistance management.



  • Effectively controls fungus gnat larvae
  • Easy to use
  • Gnatrol is OMRI-listed for organic production

Apply Gnatrol WDG with adequate water by soil drench to sufficiently wet the soil surface above and under benches where larvae are found. Areas under benches should be treated at high rates as this is one of the primary breeding areas. Reapply as needed. In situations where all life forms (eggs, larvae, pupae and adults) are present, such as with existing infestations, make three (3) weekly applications at the suggested range rate for heavy infestations. Regular follow-up applications using the suggested light infestations rates, will establish a long-term maintenance program.

For best results, apply drenches toward the end of irrigation period.

Gnatrol WDG is a larvicide and will not control adult gnats, therefore, application must be timed for a stage of development when larva are present in the soil.

Fungus gnat larvae generally respond to Gnatrol WDG treatment within 24 hours following applications.

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