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Front-Row AG

Front Row Ag Phoszyme

Front Row Ag Phoszyme

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PhosZyme is a performance-enhancing biostimulant containing mannanase and phosphatase enzymes with mono ammonium phosphate.

Mannanase enhances water activity and uptake. As the plant rhizosphere naturally exudes starches to drive water into the xylem, mannanase breaks down these starches, increasing the osmotic potential and enhancing water uptake. As more sugars are released back to the plant, this increases root growth and boosts microbial activity.

Phosphatase frees up phosphorus that is bound to cations in the substrate. When applied to the substrate, it weakens the bonds between phosphorus and its companion ions, rendering previously inaccessible fertilizer immediately plant bio-available. This increases the uptake and availability of phosphorus.

Targeted application of mono ammonium phosphate boosts amino acids within tissues and increases growth rates. Nitrogen is essential for the production of amino acids and ammonium delivers the most active form of nitrogen while optimizing for amino acid production. Elevated levels of amino acids enhance yield, potency, and aromatic attributes. In combination, nitrogen and amino acids lead to increased growth rates.


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