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FlowZone Volt 2.5 Gallon Electrostatic Backpack Sprayer

FlowZone Volt 2.5 Gallon Electrostatic Backpack Sprayer

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X-Stream Clean Volt Electrostatic Battery Backpack by FlowZone - XCEAHX

The X-Stream Clean Volt Electrostatic-Series is designed to make foliar spraying applications, sanitation, and disinfecting projects faster and easier. This backpack can spray for up to 6 hours with a lightweight gun design. Unlike other electrostatic sprayers, the solution is charged in the spray gun rather than the tank to significantly reduce the risk of shock due to spills. Simply fill with foliar spray, nutrient mix or sanitizing solution and strap on the ComfortStraps to start spraying. Volt offers a major benefit for growers looking to get the most coverage out of any foliar spray. It will literally cover every nook and cranny making it ideal for IPM applications.


  • Low dwell time due to micron misting nozzles
  • Turbo-boost fan option to increase spray distance
  • Electrostatic charging contained in spray gun
  • Ergonomic design
  • Quality stainless-steel components
  • 18V/5.2Ah Li-Ion battery


  • Tank Capacity: 2.5-gallon
  • Battery: 18V/5.2Ah Lithium-Ion 
  • Charger: 21V/2.5A
  • Charge Time: ~1.5 hours
  • Spray Time: Up to 6 hours
  • Pressure: Up to 115 psi
  • Coverage: Up to 40,000 sq ft/tank
  • Spray Distance: Up to 8-feet
  • Polarity: Positive ions

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