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Fast Fit

Fast Fit 5 ft Continuous Bench

Fast Fit 5 ft Continuous Bench

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The Fast Fit Continuous Bench is customizable from eight to 24 feet in length, providing a modular tray support that can grow with you. Thanks to its patented, no-hassle design, you can quickly assemble your Fast Fit Continuous Bench with minimal tools required. When paired with rigid Botanicare CT ABS trays, these benches provide an incredibly customizable system tailored to expanding your grow! Designed for use in soil and hydroponic growing methods.

Note: When paring with the Botanicare CT Trays, don't forget the BOND THREE Tray Sealant! Each container of BOND THREE Lap Tray Sealant yields 16.75 feet of seams (4-foot: 3.8 seams, 5-foot: 3.1 seams).

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