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Dramm Rain Wand Touch N Flow (30")

Dramm Rain Wand Touch N Flow (30")

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The Dramm Rain Wand™ is ideal for watering flowerbeds, gardens and shrubs. It utilizes the original soft-touch 400 Water Breaker™ nozzle, which has been used by professional growers and nurserymen since 1945.

With the Rain Wand™, you are able to apply large quantities of water quickly at the plant base, where it soaks deep into the soil. The lever activated shut-off valve reduces overall water consumption by applying water where and when you want it.

Roots grow deep and the plant is protected from water stress while it receives the constant nutrition it needs.

Touch N Flow Sunrise models have an anodized aluminum extension handle, lever activated water shut-off, color matched Water Breaker nozzle. Lifetime consumer guarantee.

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