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Conserve SC

Conserve SC

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Conserve SC contains 11.6% Spinosad (both Spinosyn A and Spinosyn D). Spinosad is a result of soil fermentation producing a soil bacterium that is toxic to such insects as Armyworms, Bagworms, Leafminers, Cutworms, Eastern tent caterpillars, Thrips, and other listed pests. Conserve SC with Spinosad, will provide the benefit of a biological pest control product with the efficacy of a synthetic product.

Conserve SC may be applied by hand or power-operated equipment such as a backpack sprayer. Apply as a spray to drip application, making sure foliage and canopy are completely covered. It is not a systemic insecticide.

Conserve SC can be used at low use rates, and has a four-hour WPS (Worker Protection Standard) re-entry interval. Conserve SC has a low odor. Through photolysis, it degrades rapidly in the environment. The EPA accepted Conserve SC for registration for its Reduced Risk Pesticide program. It has a favorable toxicological and environmental profile on its product label, with no precautionary signal word.

Conserve SC works by both ingestion or contact. The active ingredient, Spinosad causes eventual paralysis of the insect pests within a couple days by effecting the nervous system.

Time applications when insects pest are at their most vulnerable states, when they are small and young. Spray before the insect pests come to a damaging level.

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