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Canna CalMag Agent

Canna CalMag Agent

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In order to work with varying types of water, we designed CANNA CALMAG, a balanced water conditioner, and treatment

CANNA CALMAG AGENT is a calcium and magnesium mineral nutrient designed to improve water quality for calcium-sensitive systems, specifically when using reverse osmosis water with a coco medium. Our CANNA CALMAG AGENT increases water hardness, without disrupting the balance of nutrient ratios within the system, and preserves nutrient quality while in the nutrient reservoir.

Benefits of Canna CalMag Agent:
  • Prevents deficiencies in calcium and magnesium
  • Increases water hardness
  • Stabilizes water pH over time
  • Perfected for use on our CANNA COCO substrate
  • Maintains optimal nutrient quality in the nutrient reservoir
  • Stronger, healthier plants
  • Promotes better quality flowers
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