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Brandt Super Wetter

Brandt Super Wetter

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Brandt Super Wetter is a premium 100% non-ionic organosilicone surfactant based on trisiloxane ethoxylate chemistry. It is engineered to efficiently wet the target and increase coverage by spreading the formulation and reducing droplet surface tension to <22 dynes/cm (0.02 to 0.15 wt%).

Under specific conditions, Super Wetter promotes rapid uptake of pesticides into plants via stomatal infiltration. Spray solutions taken into plants in this way become rainfast, which improves application performance. Unlike other organosilicone surfactants, this wetting agent / penetrant / spreader performs when tank mixed with spray oils, EC formulations and other tricky combinations.

Approved for use on golf courses and sports turf.  ORMI Listed for organic use.

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