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Botanicare TriLock Trellis Mount

Botanicare TriLock Trellis Mount

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The Botanicare® TriLock™ Trellising Support is an optional upgrade for Botanicare® Slide Bench systems. We understand that your grow is unique. That’s why we’ve developed options to improve  your experience with a more robust trellising support designed to enhance the rigid connection to the bench. The TriLock™ Trellising Support is three times stronger than the standard support and accepts three different trellising types - ¾” EMT, ¾” PVC & 1” EMT. 

Please Note: Because the Botanicare® TriLock™ support is connected to the tray support extrusion, the overall system width will increase by 2.25” (5’ Wide OD: 62.25”, 4’ Wide OD: 50.25”).

Each box contains everything you need to support two uprights. Contents included: (2) Upright Supports, (2) locking caps, (2) Tray Clips, (6) upright bushings & installation hardware.

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