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Botanicare ProGro MP4 Mix (Pallet of 30)

Botanicare ProGro MP4 Mix (Pallet of 30)

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Performance. Porosity. Precision. Potential. Botanicare ProGro MP4 Mix combines 4 species of mycorrhizae, which help protect plants against abiotic stress through improved nutrient and water uptake, with an exceptional peat mix to optimize the balance between drainage and moisture retention for consistent results, grow after grow. Botanicare has developed world class expertise in peat testing which is applied in our quality assurance in every step from bog preparation to delivery of our final mix. Fine peat particles which block pores, reduce airspace and impede plant availability of water are rejected to ensure a High Porosity mix. It is time to unlock the true potential of your plants with ProGro MP4 Mix.

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