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Anden AS150 High-Capacity Steam Humidifier Built-In Fan Pack

Anden AS150 High-Capacity Steam Humidifier Built-In Fan Pack

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Anden AS150 High-Capacity Steam Humidifier with Vapor-logic

Anden steam humidifiers are designed to help cultivators maximize yield and optimize plant health. The Anden High-Capacity Steam Humidifier with Vapor-logic delivers commercial capacity steam humidification to your grow room, capable of adding up to 1,200 pints (150 gallons) of moisture per day. This unit distributes steam evenly throughout your space, using a dedicated fan pack that is powered by the humidifier itself. This allows for ductless installation, making the AS150 a versatile option for any space that needs tight humidity control. Check below for the full list of industrial specs and grow-optimized features that will set your operation apart.


  • 1,200 Pints/day - Industry-leading capacity delivers moisture to achieve ideal conditions for your plants (equivalent to 150 gallons/day)
  • Built-In Fan Pack - Designed to mount directly on top of the humidifier or above the humidifier at canopy height for easy, ductless installation and even steam distribution
  • Electrode Technology - Steam is created by passing energy between two electrodes in the disposable steam cylinder for fast, clean, efficient moisture production
  • Easy to Maintain - The electrode heating system removes the need for cleaning the steam canister. When needed, you can simply replace the canister - Flexible Installation - The ductless design offers versatile installation options for just about any application
  • Built-in Digital Control - The on-board control manages the complete operation of the humidifier, and will notify you when service is required
  • Display Panel - Shows fill, drain, steam operations, and diagnostics alongside the on/off power switch
  • Included Vapor-logic Controller - Accurate and responsive relative humidity control, with a web-based interface for easy remote monitoring and data backup
  • Backflow Protection - The air gap built into the fill cap prevents excessive pressure buildup
  • Water Level Sensor - The humidifier automatically manages the water level in the steam canister to prevent overfilling
  • 1-2-3 for VPD - The unit constantly monitors humidity, making it simple to reach the optimal Vapor Pressure Deficit for maximum growth
  • Built to Last - Dependability is at the heart of what we do. That’s why we offer a 5-year warranty on all parts of this commercial steam humidifier–so you can grow with confidence

Humidity and Growth
Humidity control is critical. As a cultivator, you know that. Each stage of growth requires an optimized environment. That’s why we recommend keeping tight control over humidity to prevent mold and mildew, and ensure that the transpiration rate and CO2 levels are being optimized for efficient photosynthesis.

Vapor Pressure Deficit
For optimal indoor growth, don’t forget about VPD. It’s a measure of the difference between vapor pressure in the leaves of your plants and the air surrounding them. Humidity control in the grow environment helps ensure that plants can “breathe” by taking in moisture and letting it out.

The Anden Impact
Anden steam humidifiers put you in control of your grow environment. You get maximum moisture, VPD, and on-board control, and remote monitoring capabilities to make it all intuitive. Simply put, these grow-optimized products are designed with your plants in mind.

Installation Configurations

This Anden Steam Humidifier requires no ductwork thanks to the built-in fan pack. You can use it wherever you need high-capacity, reliable humidity control.

Vapor-logic Controller Comprehensive control for the Anden Steam Humidifier. Vapor-logic sets the standard for humidity control capabilities in your grow space. The web-based interface monitors the conditions of the environment and the performance of your unit, with easy-to-use menus for all the humidifier’s functions.

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