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Silicium Mono Silic Acid

Silicium Mono Silic Acid

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SiLicium is beneficial for the regulation and the absorption of macro and micronutrients by the plant via xylem to the shoots and leaves. Silicon is translocated as anion, monosilicic acid, resulting as a silicon-cellulose membrane throughout the epidermal tissue. Found to have association with phosphorous and calcium ions, this process in which plant biomass enriches its level of silicon is called monosilicic acid polymerization.

The application of SiLicium through the root system results in increased resistance and protection against diseases, drought, heat and other environmental stressors during vegetative and budding development. Using SiLicium, your plants will root faster and develop stronger stems, leaves and plant biomass overall.

  • Silicon Rich structure increases the transport of calcium, phosphorus and other essential elements.
  • Tighter node stacking results in more flowering sites.
  • Accelerated growth rates occur from enhanced cellular structure within the plant.


Use a minimum of 15mL per 100 Liters OR .5ML per 1 gal of feeding water throughout the growing cycle.

ALWAYS mix SiLicium with Tap or RO water before any other nutrients.

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