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3/4" PVC Ball Valve (Slip x Slip)

3/4" PVC Ball Valve (Slip x Slip)

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This full flow, high performance 3/4" Flui-PRO compact ball valve (FP-WS-007) is made of white PVC and has socket ends. The compact design allows it to fit in smaller spaces than traditional 3/4" ball valves. It has a bright red quarter-turn handle that is easy to operate and can be partially opened for easy flow throttling. This compact ball valve can be connected to standard 3/4" PVC pipe with PVC primer and cement for a watertight seal. Similar to SK-WS-007. Order from PVC Fittings Online today!

  • Size: 3/4" x 3/4"
  • End Types: Socket
  • Body Material: White PVC
  • SKU: FP-WS-007
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