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TetraSan® WDG

TetraSan® WDG

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The TetraSan 5 Water Dispersible Granule Miticide Ovicide affects spider mites at all life stages without causing harm to most beneficial insects. It effectively controls spider mites on the bottom of leaves, even when it is hard to get satisfying under-leaf spray insurance. TetraSan is classified for control of mites on ornamental plants grown in greenhouses and nurseries, and outdoor ornamental plants in landscapes. TetraSan delivers long-lasting management plus translaminar and contact activity to secure plants. It also provides ovicidal and nymphicidal activity that restrains adults from laying possible eggs. Other than that, TetraSan’s unique mode of action serves as excellent resistance management tool. Product is not registered for use in all states. Check to be sure if a specific use pattern is approved in your area before use. Contact your local state agency for more information.

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