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Spear-T controls the pests – aphids, broad mites, spider mites, thrips, spotted-wing drosophila, psyllids, and whiteflies in the greenhouse and in the field as effectively as synthetic options. Spear-T works on contact with a naturally occurring peptide (GS-Omega/Kappa-HXtX-Hv1a, originally derived from spider venom) targeted to insects, as a central nervous system inhibitor. It is formulated to be non-toxic to humans, mammals, birds, and fish, and safe for beneficials and pollinators, a safe and versatile rotation partner in integrated pest management programs. Use with a nonionic surfactant or spreader-sticker. Please see the technical sheets for more information.

4-hour re-entry (REI), 0-day preharvest (PHI), MRL exempt, IRAC Group 32.

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