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TNB Naturals

TNB Natural pH UP

TNB Natural pH UP

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TNB Naturals pH UP is composed of all-natural ingredients without harmful chemicals. This innovative way to raise you pH levels of your hydroponic or liquid fertilizer solution is both simple and cost-effective. Simply add a small amount to your water, mix thoroughly, and check your pH levels.

The pH (potential Hydrogen) of a nutrient solution is a very important aspect of plant growth and proper management is essential for healthy plants and lush gardens.

TNB Up & Down provides growers with a user-friendly and safe way to maintain appropriate pH levels for optimal plant growth while being gentle enough to not harm the microbes and the beneficial bacteria. For use with soil, hydroponics, or aquaponic systems.

  • All Natural
  • Granular
  • Non-Caustic
  • Doesn't harm beneficial bacteria
  • No dyes or fillers
  • Dissolves instantly
  • Highly concentrated
  • Safe for aquaponics
  • Available in Case of (x30) 1 lb. packs or 40 lb. tub.
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