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Eschaton™ TR

Eschaton™ TR

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Eschaton TR provides protection from damaging mites and whiteflies to all your most delicate greenhouse plants. The Total Release technology offered by Eschaton TR allows users to treat entire greenhouses with the active ingredient etoxazole without the need for any other equipment or spending the time associated with traditional foliar sprays. Eschaton TR is safe to use on delicate bedding plants, cut flowers, hang baskets, ornamentals, foliage, and fruiting vegetables in commercial greenhouses. Eschaton TR uses the same active ingredient as Beethoven, and makes a great rotational partner with Piston TR.

-Controls mites and whiteflies on delicate ornamentals in greenhouses.
-Comes in a total release aerosol that takes around 2 minutes to fully dispense once activated.
-Product evenly disperses to reach the top and bottom of plants.
-Kills mites and suppresses whiteflies while being safe to bedding plants, cut flowers, hang baskets, and other delicate ornamentals.
-An excellent rotational product to use with other total release products such as Piston TR.
-One 2oz can treats 3,000 sq ft (50,000 cu ft) of greenhouse space. For greenhouses with tough to control insect or tough to reach hanging baskets, 2 containers can be used per 3,000 sq ft, and one container can safely be used on greenhouses that are 1,500 sq ft.
-No spray equipment needed.
-Makes a great rotational partner with Piston TR.

*Veg Use Only!

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