Why Visit Cultivate?

Why Visit Cultivate?

Why should you shop at Cultivate?

After all, there are plenty of hydroponic and garden stores to visit. But when you go to those other shops, how do you feel?

Do you feel welcomed into a friendly, talkative atmosphere? Or do you walk in, buy something, and leave? At Cultivate, we strive to always be better than the other guys, so here’s 8 reasons we are better.

1. Customer Service

Any question you might have about growing, nutrients, fertilizers, you name it; we know it. We know every product on our shelves, and only recommend products we would use ourselves. Need something we don’t have in stock? We can special order it for you.

2. The Fam

As soon as you walk in the front door of Cultivate you can see and feel the family atmosphere that fills our warehouses. The best work environment is one where everybody communicates and strives for more than just “getting along”. We’re a Cultivate family.

3. Product Selection

We have one of the largest, if not the largest hydroponic and organic garden product selection in the known universe. Maybe there’s a bigger one out there in the vast expanse of space, but we doubt it.

4. Trustworthy

The Cultivate crew has been growing and working with every new product that hits the market since Cultivate first opened in 2008, so we know what’s good and what isn’t. We will never push a product we know doesn’t work, and will always recommend the best products for your price range. Ask for our personal opinion on products for honest reviews and recommendations.

5. Professionalism

We handle clients from the home-grower to commercial-scale manufacturers. We strive to run a professional atmosphere with knowledgeable staff while maintaining friendly relationships with our customers. We like to have fun, but we also know when it’s time to get serious and lay down some knowledge.

6. Animal Friendly

You can always find one of the Cultivate pooches (we have 3) wandering the floor or lounging behind the front counter. Feel free to bring in your pup when you come by to say hello! Cats beware.

7. The Best Music

You ever walk into a grow shop that’s just playing some random pop radio station, if they play music at all? Forget that. The Cultivate staff has a wide range of musical tastes that are always coming through our speakers…we can’t guarantee it will always be good though.

8. The Highest Vibes

If you ever walk into Cultivate and feel tension in the air or don’t hear staff joking around, you’re not at Cultivate. We believe it is always possible to have fun and laugh while still handling serious business. At cultivate, we’re pros at multitasking.


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