Upgrade your Grow Room

Upgrade your Grow Room

A lot of grow rooms got started back around 2010 when the industry was fresh.

As the industry spread and blossomed into what it is today, it has brought forth brand new technologies that can be used in grow rooms to increase yields. Unfortunately, those that got all set up in the early days are left with outdated technology that is outperformed by new tech on the market.

So what’s new in the grow game and how can you upgrade your old set up to start getting the big-time yields you keep hearing about?

Double-Ended (DE) Lights

gavita double ended light

Ditch those single-ended (SE) bulbs that hardly cover your canopy. DE lights are thinner than SE, while still covering more area. While SE lights may need to be replaced after 6,000 hours of use, a DE light can still be effective after 10,000 hours.

With the added power and efficiency however, comes more heat. Some SE setups will have  built in fans that circulate the heat so efficiency isn’t lost and the lamp doesn’t overheat.

If the same methods were applied to a DE bulb, it could seriously throw off the heat output and efficiency of the bulb. This means growers will usually need to set up some type of external exhaust to remove the hot air that is pushed out of the back of DE lights.

Check out Gavita, Phantom and other double ended lights that Cultivate carries.

Climate Controllers

environmental controller

The days of checking the temperature with a thermometer and opening or closing a door to even out your grow climate are gone. With new smart climate controllers you can set specific temperatures for day and night.

Simply set up the temperatures you want at the specific times you need the room that temperature, and let the controllers do the rest. As long as the controllers are hooked up to your AC or ventilation system, you can count on your temperature staying consistent.


Rolling Benches

You don’t need to get stuck between your plants or risk knocking them over every time you walk through the garden. Stationary tables for holding plants are outdated, and you can get rolling benches that are much more efficient.

These benches can be pushed right next to each other to save space, then easily split apart to walk through for your rounds. They maximize space and maneuverability while still keeping your plants perfectly separated and happy.


Similar to a climate controller, an HVAC system will cover everything from heating and ventilation to air conditioning. Hooked up to your climate controller, an HVAC system can help manage your temperature and circulate air so plants aren’t exposed to poor conditions.

Hook a carbon filter up to your HVAC and you can fully eradicate smell from your grow, but most importantly your air will constantly be circulated, preventing cold or hot spots which can give molds and other complications a chance to arise.

Come into Cultivate and ask what you need to upgrade your grow room and get up to speed.

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