Top 7 Supplements

Top 7 Supplements

There’s a lot of supplements and additives out there for your grow. We know it can be hard to find the right option, so we’ve picked our top performing and most popular supplements and compiled them for you. Even if you still don’t know what you’re looking for, this list will get you on the right track.

1. Aptus Fasilitor

aptus fasilitor

Fasilitor is one one the most popular silica products on the market. Unlike other silica products that can take weeks to be available to your plant, Fasilitor is readily available to you plant from the first watering. Plants that are fed Fasilitor at a rate of .6 ml per gallon are more resistant to stress, have bigger stronger stalks, and grow faster and healthier than those without it. Fasilitor is a product that should be in every serious growers toolbox and will make a difference from the first watering.

2. Canna Boost

canna boost

If you’re looking for a real BOOST for your plants, look no further. Nothing comes close to Canna’s Boost. This liquid metabolism elictor contains high energy content without any added plant growth regulators. Boost allows your plants to have a heightened immune response, a faster finish, and increased quality of your final product, without any harmful effects to either the plant or consumer.  This is an absolute must for any connoisseur grower.

3. Liquid Budswel

liquid budswel bat guano

Guano. The ultimate ace up the sleeve. Luckily, Budswell contains both bat and seabird guano. Don’t forget the worm castings as well. This 100% organic product contains high levels of phosphorus, aimed to increase the yield and smell of your product. Looking to grow that loud pack? The Guano Company has your back.

4. GH Floralicious Plus

general hydroponics floralicious

Floralicious is a plant enhancer and nutrient supplement featuring a potent blend of ingredients to boost plant vigor. This highly concentrated solution is formulated for use in both the vegetative and flowering stages of growth. Packed with powerful seaweed extracts, carbon-building blocks and aromatic oils, Floralicious Plus enhances colors and aromatic qualities.

5. Heavy 16 Finish

heavy 16 finish

Finish is an all-natural bio-regulator that transforms the molecular structure of water, making it exponentially more active and penetrable. When using Heavy Finish during the flower cycle, you will observe the deepest and heaviest aromas, colors and oil content your crops genetics can express. Specific aromatic building blocks are added to achieve even greater depth and potency. It’s a real finisher.

6. Superthrive

superthrive plant nutrient

Superthrive encourages the natural building blocks that plants normally make themselves under optimum conditions, so it gives plants a better chance of achieving their full growth potential. Their vitamin solution is perfect for novice and expert growers alike, leading to more vigorous plants with fuller flavor and aroma. Your plants will more than thrive.

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