Produce More Terpenes and Increase Trichomes with New Millenium Winter Frost

Produce More Terpenes and Increase Trichomes with New Millenium Winter Frost

New Millenium Winter Frost Review/Breakdown

The goal of every grower is to get the best harvest possible. These days, it means producing the smelliest, most resinous flowers.

New Millenium Winter Frost is a standalone resin enhancer product that can do both.

New Millenium Winter Frost Explained

New Millenium Winter Frost is an ideal ripening solution made to accentuate terpene production and recycle the last remaining energy left in the plant toward bulking fruit development.

The winter-like effects can be seen through exuberant oil production, and immense purple, red, and burgundy coloration shifts. When dosed properly, the affected plant system uses its remaining energy to defend against frost and ensure swollen fruit pods are available for next year’s sowing.

New Millenium Winter Frost promotes heavier essential oil content (more terpenes) and floral mass expansion during the final 7 to 10 days prior to flush and harvest.

It also accentuates the characteristics of each plant genome, which means you can unlock true genetic potential and more easily distinguish between your strains.

Lastly, Winter Frost can be used with any other nutrient line! It's the perfect addition to your regiment at the end of the cycle to give your plants that last boost it needs to bulk up before harvest.

More Terpenes, Increased Trichomes

The end result of New Millenium Winter Frost is smellier, more resinous plants!

As your plants produce more resin to combat the cold and activate senescence to power up flowering, they in turn produce increased trichomes and more terpenes.

More Individualization in Your Strains

New Millenium Winter Frost is great for the phenotype hunters and breeders out there that are popping hundreds of seeds to find the best genetics.

Because Winter Frost helps to accentuate individual genetic characteristics, it makes it that much easier to distinguish your phenotypes from each other in the grow.

Even if you have different strains that look similar, New Millenium Winter Frost can help make the difference.

New Millenium Winter Frost Instructions and Breakdown

Use Winter Frost as a pre – flush the last 5 – 7 days of the flowering cycle before you start flushing for 7 – 10 days.

Shake well prior to use, and dilute in water at a rate of 10mL per gallon. Use New Millenium Winter Frost with Ruby Ful#$% for even better results!

Want to know more about New Millenium Winter Frost?

Check out Jerin from New Millenium breaking down New Millenium Winter Frost and how it helps to increase trichomes and produce more terpenes before harvest.

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