Phantom vs. Gavita [Full Breakdown] | Cultivate Colorado

Phantom vs. Gavita [Full Breakdown] | Cultivate Colorado

Gavita and Phantom are both well-known grow light names in the indoor growing community.

Both brands have different options for their lights. Both brand’s lights perform relatively the same. So what’s the difference?


That’s really all it is. Gavita is one of the pioneers of DE lighting as it spread through Europe and America. They have been in business for over 30 years, with their first light release in 1994.

Hydrofarm, the company that produces Phantom lights, has been in operation for over 40 years. Both brands have dimmers on their lights so you can adjust the output. Both also offer controllers that allow you manage multiple lights.

The biggest difference between the Phantom and Gavita controller is the amount of lights it can manage. Gavita offers two controllers, one which can control up to 40 lights, and another for a higher number. Phantom on the other hand, offers just one controller, that can manage over 500 lights.

With the master controller, the grower has the ability to slowly activate their grow light over time. This can create a dawn to dusk type of lighting system that more resembles a natural light cycle. Additionally, with the ability to limit how many bulbs are active at any given time with the master controller, both offer savings on energy.

If you need to be able to manage hundreds of lights and don’t want to worry about using multiple controllers, Phantom is the way to go.

Another perk of Phantom lights is the warranty. Hydrofarm is one of the most trusted brands in the grow community. If any issue should arise with your Phantom light, Hydrofarm will take care of it swiftly, whether you need a replacement unit or some simple repairs. Gavita also offers up to a 3-year warranty should something happen to your ballast or bulb.

Both Phantom and Gavita are excellent options for growers. It mainly comes down to preference and the price tag. Gavita is a couple hundred more than a Phantom, and both lights are near identical. So if you’re looking to save some money but still want a great product, go with the Phantom. If you have change to blow and want one of the best lights on the market, go Gavita. 

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Can gavita and phantom hps lights operate on the same controller?


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