New Years Grow Resolutions

New Years Grow Resolutions

It’s officially 2019. You’ve been growing the same way for a while now, and maybe you have some resolutions to up your game this year. 

Whether you’ve been growing the same way for a while and not seeing results or you’re just trying to up your grow game for cheap, there’s plenty of ways you can boost your efficiency and yields, whether with some hacks or changing how you manage your garden.

Get the Most Out of Lights

As your plants grow, they require more light penetration to grow properly. This is why stronger lights are used during the flowering stages. But even with brighter lights, it can be difficult to ensure that the whole plant gets the light it needs.

You can use tinfoil or another reflective material to fix this issue for cheap. With this grow hack, you can hang up the tinfoil or whatever you decide to use on the walls and the floor surrounding your plants. This will hep to reflect and spread more light around your room and underneath your canopy, where the minimal light penetration will be maximized by the reflective surfaces.

Automating Your Grow

It can get expensive, which might be why you aren’t automating already. But setting your grow up with automated processes can help save you a ton of time, and over time, more money. Setting your lights on a timer and your feeding on an automated schedule lets you spend more time monitoring your plants progress than getting up close and spending time on each plant.

With an automated irrigation system, you can feed your plants on time every time, without having to worry about your schedule getting in the way. Plus, having an automated systems ensures that you don’t over or underfeed your plants, taking a lot of stress off your shoulders.

Get On A Schedule

Obviously, none of the above suggestions will be possible without a schedule. If you’re just watering your plants a couple times a day whenever you get the chance, adding in random supplements when you think you’re supposed to without staying consistent, you’re going to have problems.

If automation is out of your price range, then creating an effective schedule that you can follow consistently is essential. Set your feeding times, light schedules, pest management schedule all to fit when you can commit to your garden. If you realize you don’t have the time available to do all this, your plants will inevitably suffer, and growing will only become more difficult. Even if it’s just a couple timers, automation will make scheduling way easier.

Give Your Plants More

You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on synthetic additives to give your plants more to help them grow to their fullest potential. Making teas with natural products like fulvic and humic acids, and giving your plants essential macronutrients can make a huge difference in your plants without spending a whole lot of money.

Cultivate carries a ton of different organics and tea making kits, all of which can help you give your plants a big boost this season without breaking the bank. Whether you’re growing in soil or hydroponics, there are products you can use to boost your plants vigor and growth. And as long as your are consistent and on a schedule your plants will continue to excel.

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