New Product Feature: Growers Soil

New Product Feature: Growers Soil

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For the past three years, Growers Soil has been developing a unique, small batch line of soil blends.

Their first product, High Porosity is a great product for increasing yields and quality of your plants.

There are a lot of soil options out there. Most soils are for general use and can be applied to a variety of different growing avenues. Growers can fit right in with these brands.

However, very few companies design products specifically for producing more quality and quantity while still being able to work across various grow styles. This is where Growers Soil stands out.

Growers Soil High Porosity

Growers High Porosity is a specially designed drainage formula containing a perfect blend of coco, peat, and perlite. When compared to your traditional soil blends, the differences become obvious.

High porosity was formulated through lengthy field trials, supported by lab tests and chemical analysis of every single batch. This in part is why Growers Soil is made in small batches. While it takes longer to produce en masse than your average soil blends, Growers is a guaranteed product, every time.

The coco used in High Porosity is single-sourced from a trusted Growers provider. The coco also gives High Porosity part of its unique drainage capabilities, which helps prevent overfeeding and makes it easier to control your dry down periods. This really helps with the early growth of smaller plants.

How It’s Made

grower soil facility in Deer Trail, Colorado

High Porosity and other soil blends from Growers Soil are all made in-house at a state-of-the-art facility in Colorado. The Growers plant can be described like a bakery; every product that is ordered from Growers goes out the same day it is made, nothing sits around.

When it comes to making its blends, Growers sets itself apart with computer controlled smart technology. Combined with a unique conveyor belt feeding system, handfuls of fresh raw material are mixed at time, all according to a specific recipe input to the system.

Not only does this smart system ensure that every bag is filled to same exact level, it also ensures that every bag is filled with the perfect measurement of ingredients.

A big problem with a lot of soil manufacturers is that their raw materials sit outside. Huge heaps of coco, peat and perlite left to withstand the conditions. Not at Growers. Every single raw material sits indoors in a clean facility. 

The biggest benefit of having a fully indoor facility is the bugs. That is, the lack of them. Plus with High Porosity being a mostly soilless medium, there is an even lower chance of encountering a bug problem when growing with High Porosity.

You Should Try Growers Soil If…

  • You want the best of both worlds. Get the unique drainage capabilities of coco mixed with the nutrient rich, water retention abilities of peat in a bag of High Porosity.
  • You want to grow cleaner. Almost every ingredient in Growers’ High Porosity is taken from renewable resources. The Growers facility is one of the cleanest “dirt” plants you’ll ever see. Ou blends will never come with a bug problem, mildew problem, or any problem.
  • You use an automated feeding system. High Porosity is specifically designed to work well with automated feeding systems and hydroponic set ups. Its spectacular drainage abilities allows more regular feedings, while holding onto those nutrients.

If you fit any of the situations above, or just want to give Growers Soil a try for yourself, you’re in luck! Cultivate is currently the only grow store in the world that carries High Porosity. 

If you want an extremely exclusive, unique soil blend created by artisans of the industry with decades of grow experience, let’s talk.

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