Netafim Irrigation: Product Feature

Netafim Irrigation: Product Feature

You can save a lot of time and money with drip irrigation. If you’re considering setting up your first drip system, Netafim is the go to choice.

There are several reasons you should choose Netafim for your first drip irrigation system. One of the biggest reasons is that Netafim basically invented drip irrigation.

Netafim is The OG

Israel is one the leading nation in terms of agricultural advances. In 1965, Netafim developed the first drip irrigation system to meet the needs to the growing scale of agriculture. 

Now, any large scale agricultural operation has some sort of drip irrigation. When hand watering requires too many hands, irrigation helps the small grower expand with ease. Which is why the next reason to use Netafim is its scalability.

Drip Irrigation Scalability

Irrigation in general is scalable, which is why many growers switch to a drip system when they expand their grow. Netafim is easy to expand because of it’s simple design.

Since it is mainly just combinations of tubes, hoses and connectors, you can virtually expand your irrigation system indefinitely. As long as you have the water pumps to provide the pressure for your system, that is. But don’t worry, Netafim makes those too.

Precision Feeding

This may be the biggest benefit of using a drip irrigation system like Netafim. Hand watering may make you feel more connected with your plants as a grower, individually feeding each plant to ensure none are missed. But there will always be human error.

Netafim removes that risk. With a precise and easy to adjust feeding system, you just need a simple timer and connection to your nutrient repositories. With the flip of a switch you can feed your plants with exact measurements every time. No more overfeeding, underfeeding or overwatering.

Is irrigation for me?

You don’t need Netafim. You might not need irrigation at all. However, if you’re expanding your indoor facility, or building a bigger greenhouse, you really only have two options.

You can water by hand. But with scale, you’ll need more hands. More hands is more expensive.

With irrigation you just pay your one time set up costs, then as long as you take care of your irrigation system it will last through multiple harvests.With irrigation you get less risk, and more precision. But it isn’t cheap, and that’s what scares a lot of people off.

If you think you might want to try out irrigation for yourself, get in touch with us or come into Cultivate and we can educate you with everything you need to know about setting up your own system, whether with Netafim or DIY.

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