LEDs Killing Your Plants? How to Fix LED Grow Light Deficiencies

LEDs Killing Your Plants? How to Fix LED Grow Light Deficiencies


Today we're talking about the demand for more micronutrient when running leads in deficiencies you might see when running LEDs. So a common question that we get here at the shop is, "Why are my plants looking weird now that I've switched to LED grow lights?

Well, the reason behind this is basically running LEDs creates more transpiration.

When you're running LEDs, it's going to increase the amount of light across the canopy. In general, because of this, the plants are going to uptake nutrients quicker and because of that, they're going to need more micronutrients.

If you're not feeding your plants micronutrients, you might see things such as a yellow stem, purple leaves and other weird, strange things going on.

To remedy this problem, Cultivate carries a few different foliar spray options.

One option is Optic Foliar Overgrow. It's an excellent product. You can just pour it straight into your sprayer and apply directly to the plants without needing to dilute.

Another great options is Heavy 16 Foliar. This product is more concentrated and requires mixing before application, but is just as effective.

Both of these products should be sprayed with the lights on. The reason being, that is when the stomata opens up and the plant can take in the micronutrients more efficiently.

That's the general rundown on running LEDs and needing more micronutrients. If you found this article helpful, please share it and if you have any questions, reach out to us directly at the shop at Cultivate or right here through our online store.

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