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LED Letter

Not all LEDs are the same.
Beware of deceptive sales people lurking in every corner. You know the old jokes about used car dealers? Well, some of those same tactics can be found among certain LED salespeople. The truth is, that not all LEDs are created equal.

At Cultivate Supply, we understand the horror stories of unsuspecting individuals who fell victim to cheap, imported LEDs. These salespeople slyly assured them that these lights were on par with more expensive lamps. They claimed they came from the same factory and boasted identical motherboards. But more often than not, it's all a fabrication. We've heard it all. The biggest falsehood perpetuated by salespeople is that the motherboards and diodes of these cheap imports are just as good as those found in higher-end products. But let's be clear: this is simply not true.

Don't fall for the allure of a significantly inexpensive imported LED lamp with promises of product support and exceptional performance. Ask yourself, what will you do when 20% of these lamps fail? How long will it take to get a replacement? Will there even be a replacement available in one or two years?

At Cultivate, we're committed to promoting only the highest quality equipment in our industry. We align ourselves with equipment manufacturers who stand firmly behind the quality of their products. Brands like Growers Choice, Fluence, Photo Bio, and Gavita are just a few examples of the quality brands we proudly support. We choose to stand behind quality.

Don't settle for subpar LEDs and the false promises of salespeople. Trust Cultivate Supply for equipment you can rely on. Experience the difference that quality makes in your cultivation journey.

Chip Baker

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