Home Growing vs Commercial Growing

Home Growing vs Commercial Growing

commercial growing vs home growing

For some people, home growing is plenty.

For other trying to turn their hobby into a living, commercial growing is the path to take. But commercial cultivation is no easy task.

Before you go buying a 10,000 square foot warehouse to start your empire, you should think about what you really gain (or lose) from upping your space and ditching the home grow.

Home Growing

Home grows and smaller grows are a lot easier to manage. It's less people to manage a smaller environment to control. Working in a smaller space also makes it easier to control all your inputs with less effort.

When it comes to cost, home growing will beat out commercial every time, because it's just that. Home growing. You aren't growing on a large scale, and even with a smaller operation with 50-100 lights a lot of higher costs can be reigned in with some extra planning.

But with a smaller grow and cheaper costs, you obviously have less space, which means smaller yields. This isn't an issue for a lot of home growers who are only growing for themselves, but once you start raising your plant count more and more, it may be time to go commercial.

Commercial Growing

 It should go without saying that compared to home growing, commercial growing is on an entirely different level. Every aspect of growing is bigger.

Once you choose to transition to a large scale grow, there are a lot more pieces that have to work together to succeed. Many people think they can just jump right into it because they have done well at home, but there are a lot of factors they don’t think of that will inevitably hurt them in the end.

When you are growing on a commercial scale everything needs to be on a schedule and everything needs to be calculated out at a cost so you can see you where you need to be producing to be profitable.

As with anything, if you surround yourself with the correct team, with the correct equipment, any size grow can feel like a home grow.

Costs, Scale, and Skill

Growing at home is the most people because it's just that, growing at home. It can be relatively simple and cheap to set up, and there are enough online resources like Cultivate that can guide you through your first grow.

Growing on a commercial scale takes developed skill, investment and serious planning. Building out a grow facility, employing workers, setting up supply chains. If you're setting up a commercial grow, you most likely aren't doing it alone.

Whether you're growing at home as a hobby or want to step up your game and start designing your first commercial facility, Cultivate can help. Send us a message on our commercial sales page to talk about what you need to get started, or check out our online store to get any of the grow gear you need delivered.

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