Harvest Time: 6 Cultivate harvest essentials

Harvest Time: 6 Cultivate harvest essentials

It’s harvest time! All your hard work paid off, now you just have cut it down and trim it up.

Going into harvest time unprepared is like going to collect water without a bucket. It’s going to be difficult. That’s why we’ve gathered up six of our favorite harvest time essentials to boost productivity and save you time and effort. Who doesn’t want that?

Precision Pruner

hydrofarm precision pruner trimming scissors

Trimming by hand doesn’t need to be a giant pain. You just need the right scissors! Hydrofarm’s Precision Pruners are a best-seller at Cultivate for their simple and functional design, as well as their durability.

With a built in safety lock, double-grip handles and stainless steel blades, Precision Pruners are the best option for the avid hand-trimmer.


Trim Bin

A lot of people just trim on a table and let all the loose product fall off and get dirty. With a Trim Bin, trimming is cleaner and easier.

The Trim Bin has an ergonomic design so you can relax you arms and trim for longer. It also has a built in mesh-screen, to catch the big stuff, while still collecting smaller materials in the second bin underneath. No more picking up scraps off the table and floor!


Cleanliness is next to godliness…or something like that. Having a pair of gloves when you’re harvesting is pretty much an essential for any grower.

Cultivate has a wide selection of different styles of gloves in multiple sizes, so you can get one box of gloves and be good for the rest of harvest. Even if you need, oh I don’t know, 100 BOXES OF GLOVES, we can do that too!



Sometimes, hands just aren’t enough. If you have a larger harvest than you expected, you might need to enlist the help of a trimmer. Whether it’s a manual trimmer or a machine trimmer, both can make the job easier.

Obviously, a machine trimmer will be the most effective with large quantities, but for those who don’t like the idea of a machine doing all their work for them, a manual trimmer (like the Trim Bag) will help with the workload while still keeping things traditional.

If you know a manual trimmer or hand trimming just won’t cut it (get it?), a machine trimmer is the most efficient and easy to use to get your harvest trimmed up fast. Get in touch with us today about getting a FREE trimmer demo.

Isopropyl Alcohol

Keeping your equipment clean is essential to maintaining a sterile work environment that prevents contamination and keeps your tools working properly. Alcohol can be used to clean your scissors and your trimmer blades, as well as other equipment like containers.

Cultivate carries various sizes of Alchemist Isopropyl that all of our customers swear by when it comes to cleaning their gear. Click here to get in touch about ordering some for yourself.


Turkey Bags

turkey bags storage bags

Storing the literal fruits of your labor so they last is just as important as how you harvest them! Whether you just want something to hold you harvest for a few days, or a few months, Cultivate has a few options.

True Liberty Turkey Bags are the most popular storage bags that Cultivate offers. For extended life of your harvest, we recommend also picking up a vacuum sealer. Tighter, air-free storage means longer life in your harvest, so you can enjoy it that much longer.

There’s other small thing you may need for a great harvest that we didn’t list here. Come into Cultivate or get in touch with us to talk about getting a free trimmer demo or other harvest essentials.

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