Grow Room Odor Control [Cultivate Tips and Recommendations]

Grow Room Odor Control [Cultivate Tips and Recommendations]

Growing indoors has no shortage of benefits. But it can also come with a big downside if you're growing in your own home; smell.

There is such thing as too much of a good thing, and as good as your plants might smell in your indoor grow, it can become overwhelming. And not just for you!

If you don't stay on top of your grow room odors, they can seep out into the surrounding area and could wonder into a neighbor's yard which can cause problems.

But keeping smell down in your grow room isn't just about your neighbors. Too much odor can also mean that you aren't ventilating properly and that can cause environmental problems over time.

Controlling your grow room environment

There could be factors under your control that are causing the increased grow room odors such as air circulation, temperature and humidity controls. Too humid and too hot will make your plants smell more, and can usually be solved with better air circulation.

If you notice that there are problems causing your grow room odor that you can't fix right away, you'll need to look into the potential solutions. Air conditioners, dehumidifiers, environmental controllers and especially carbon filters will all be useful in controlling your grow room odors.

Carbon filters and inline fans

The combination of a carbon filter with an inline fan ventilation system is far and above the best way to control grow room odor.

Carbon is used for its natural odor scrubbing attributes. The inline fan pulls air from your grow room into the carbon filter where it is scrubbed, and passed through the rest of your ventilation out of the grow room.

A carbon filter/inline fan combo will remove stagnant, smelly air, and allow fresh air to be introduced either passively or actively.

Other odor control options

If you are looking for a more affordable way to deal with grow room odors in the short term, you may want to consider products like Ona gels.

Ona gels absorb the odor in your grow room. These products won't completely get rid of your odor problem, but they do a great job of masking it. Just place Ona gels on the floor of your grow room and they get to work instantly.

Surface and air purifiers are a less commonly used odor control method for home growers, but can still be utilized on a smaller scale. Purifiers don't just control odors, they work to actually clean your air.

They remove most airborne particles including mold, dust, smoke, pollen, viruses and bacteria. Removing odor is almost just a bonus. 

However purifiers are more expensive, and typically best suited for larger grow rooms. If you are growing in a smaller area or a grow tent, they will likely not fit.

Why you should care

If you don't have neighbors and the smell doesn't bother you, you're one of the lucky ones, and don't have to worry about it. Even so, you can still benefit from a ventilation system.

A carbon filter, like an air purifier, isn't just for removing odor. They also help clean your air to keep it fresh like your plants crave.

A couple standing or mounted fans might only only be able to do the trick for so long. As you grow your garden, the need for more ways to keep your air clean will arise.

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