Cultivate’s Top Hard Products

Cultivate’s Top Hard Products

Whether it’s fans, dehumidifiers, cloners or carbon filters, Cultivate has the best products for your grow.

When it comes to picking the right equipment, the wide range of options can be intimidating whether you’re new to growing or looking to try something new. Here are some of the more popular items that might be worth checking out.

Hurricane Fans

An extremely user friendly and easy to use product, the hurricane fan comes assembled straight from the box. All you need to do is plug it in and watch is circulate. With both plastic and metal options that can be hung or placed on the floor, Hurricane has the right fan in the right size for you.

With the wall-mounted fan option, you can set this fan up in your room wherever it will fit. Hurricane’s wall-mounted fans make circulating your room’s air as easy as possible.

Can Filters

The top quality air filters on the market. Used in multiple industries like airports, laboratories and greenhouses alike, Can-Filters is the most trusted product to filter out as much odor as possible, no matter the situation.

With multiple fitting options and sizes, there’s a Can-Filter that will work just right for your set-up. Just make sure you ask the Cultivate staff for their recommendations on filter sizes so you get the right filter.


Quest Dehumidifier

Quest offers a variety of humidifiers, including overhead and portable options. Quest’s dehumidifiers also come in multiple different sizes depending on how big your room is. Their products are extremely energy efficient and made in the USA, and all come with a 5 year warranty from Quest who is always responsive, so any issues can be resolved easily.

With options ranging from overhead to floor dehumidifiers, Quest products come in a variety of sizes for numerous applications. This makes Quest’s selection extremely versatile.

One of the most popular dehumidifiers on the market, Quest dehumidifiers are used by the best and biggest greenhouses and grows in Colorado, making demand high. Come into Cultivate and let us help you pick the perfect size dehumidifier for you!


EZ Clone

Cloning has never been easier than with EZ Clone. You can buy their clone trays for anywhere from 9 to 128 clones, so whether you’re just growing a couple clones, or want to push the limit, EZ Clone has the gear for you. Oh yeah, and it comes with a water pump when you buy a tray.

Every aspect of this Aeroponic Cloning System has been carefully thought out and designed with the utmost passion, to produce the most effective and user friendly cloning system. The Reservoir has an increased lip height, with an extended flange and drainage gutters, to ensure a leakproof design, and improved interface when opening the system to view cuttings.

There are plenty of other products at Cultivate that can help boost, maintain and control your garden. Come in today and let us help you find the best gear for your grow.

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