Cloning and The Mother Plant

Cloning and The Mother Plant

A plant can only come from two sources. A clone or a seed. To get the best seeds or clones, you need a mother plant.

Growing from seeds is always more complicated than growing from clones. This is because there is much more genetic diversity and risk associated with planting seeds.  Because of this, many will opt to grow from clones instead. 

But in order to get clones, you need a mother plant. A mother plant allows you to cut leaves (clones) from the same plant repeatedly, giving you consistent results of the same genetics. 

Growing a Mother Plant

Growing plants from seeds has some variables that need to be considered. Mainly, the different phenotypes that will be expressed during the flowering stages of your clones. Finding which seed will eventually become your mother plant is relatively simple:

  • Step 1: Germinate your seeds.
  • Step 2: Wait until the plants show their sex in vegetative growth, and then take a few clones from each female plant. Be sure to label which seed they came from.
  • Step 3: Let the clones proceed to their flowering stage while keeping the original plants in vegetative growth.
  • Step 4: As the new plants flower and are harvested, take note of traits like aroma, flavor, yield, structure, and growth patterns.
  • Step 5: Take the corresponding original plant from whichever clones you liked most. This one is your new mother plant.

Maintaining Your Mother Plant

It is important to pick the strongest and heartiest of your seeds to use as your mother plant. You will be consistently cutting it for clones, and over time the yields and quality will diminish, as you can’t keep a plant in its vegetative stage forever.

This is why many people will grow their mother plants in organic mediums, so it can build up more resistance to natural factors without the assistance of synthetic nutrients and additives. When your mother does die, you’ll want to have some seeds saved.

It isn’t recommended to grow a new mother from a clone of the first. Seeds will be heartier and likely to last longer than growing a clone. It’s as simple as pollinating the mother with a male plant to sprout seeds, and holding onto them.

Having a mother makes growing consistent yields much easier than having to plant seeds every time. By cutting clones from your mother, you’ll be able to achieve consistent qualities and yields from all your plants.

If you ever need help getting your mother plant started or keeping her healthy, get in touch with us or come in to see us and let us help you get the right nutrients you need to grow your best.

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