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Best Harvest Storage Products

There's no shortage of options for storing your harvest, which can make the decision difficult.

Harvest storage is just as important as cultivation, as improper storage can result in quality degradation, or worse.

From plastic to steel to glass, there are plenty of different harvest storage products you can use to keep you harvest fresh for longer. Every grower will prefer their favorite storage method, but here's a few of the most popular Cultivate offers.

Glass Jars

To start with the one product that Cultivate doesn't carry, glass jars are most useful for the home grower with smaller yields. This is because you can only get jars that hold a few ounces at most, and they don't tend to be the cheapest option when you have a larger harvest.

However for a smaller harvest glass jars are a great option for curing and storing your plants. They are clear so you can see through them easily, air tight, and easy to access.

Plastic Bags

Probably the most common harvest storage option for growers from home to smaller scale grow operations, plastic bags are effective and cheap. You can get 100 or more bags in one pack of Turkey Bags, and each bag can hold upwards of a pound of plant material or flower.

A common complaint with plastic bags however is that extended storage can result in degradation of the plastic bags which can impact the flavors and smells of your harvest. You also need to make sure your flower is properly cured and dried, as plastic bags can lock in moisture extremely which can damage plants that aren't fully dried.

Metal Containers

Metal containers are a great storage option. There are metal containers made specifically for storing your harvest, with air tight lids, and even built in compartments for humidity packs.

CVault Humidity Curing Storage Containers come with a built in humidity pack, so you can keep you harvest fresh longer. With CVault container, some people claim you can even take older, dried plant material and put it in to bring some life back into it because of how well it locks in moisture.

From 2 liters up to 12 liters, you can fit a lot of plant material in just one metal container, which is why they are such a popular option.

Humidity Packs

While not a product for directly storing your harvest, humidity packs are an essential product for storage. Humidity packs help to keep your harvest fresh longer, by maintaining the perfect moisture content for your container.

Boveda is the powerhouse of humidity packs in the grow industry. Their patented humidity control packs regulate moisture content, keeping the contents of your containers at the perfect desired level. With a one Boveda pack, you can store a pound of flower for 2-4 months in a container frequently opened/closed and up to a year in containers rarely opened.

The Importance of Freshness

This should be obvious for most growers out there. Nobody wants old, dried out flowers. They lose their smell and other properties that consumers are seeking.

Whatever container you choose to use or other harvest storage products for keeping your plants fresh, Cultivate has everything you need for maximum extended freshness.

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